Getting to Ørslev Kloster is not difficult!

Ørslev Kloster Arbejdsrefugium - Hejlskovvej 15 - 7840 Ørslev

It doesn’t matter if you’re an international guest arriving by plane or travelling to us from any part of Denmark. You do have a number of different options available to you seven days a week and throughout the day.

If your arriving by plane, there are four airports within a little more than an hour’s drive away – all with public transport options all the way to the monastery (see the online journey planner site below). The airports in Aalborg, Billund and Aarhus all have international connections of varying density – so you don’t have to fly into Copenhagen – although all have domestic connections to the capital. The most local Midtjylland airport is only 40 km away, currently has 10 daily domestic flights to Copenhagen for around 250-500 kr. So, if time is of the essence, you don’t have to take the train or bus (a 4-5 hour journey) from Copenhagen. From the Midtjylland airport you can take a so-called flekstaxa that you book in advance, they wait for you outside and you have a private taxi to the monastery for 250 kr.

From home you can use the online journey planner, there is an English version and it lists most of the various travel options with public transport of getting you from A to B in Denmark, with a direct link to buying tickets online. It does not link to private bus companies e.g. Fliksbus that have ticket prices of around 350 kr. to get from Copenhagen to the nearest town of Skive. Most of the private operators drive over the Great Belt Bridge, which is an experience, but many guests often ask about the option of taking the ferry. To enjoy sailing across the Great Belt to mainland Jutland, where the monastery is, then you have to go with the Kombardo line for around 100kr. from Copenhagen to Aarhus. From there you can catch a train every hour to the local station Højslev, which is 6 kilometres from Ørslev.

This local train station is on the main line to Aarhus, from where there are international trains coming from Hamburg, Germany on the hour, as well as connections to the ferries from Norway.

To make the last leg of the trip from either Skive bus - or Højslev train station to the monastery; there is a bus route nr. 411 (Skive – Virksund). It stops right outside the door of the monastery and the bus drivers are all very friendly and helpful – they are usually able to guess that you going to Ørslev! You can download the bus timetable here. Don’t despair if you don’t see too many normal bus times for a Sunday e.g. there are so-called flex busses, that you can order, though not later than an hour before departure. The details are listed on the bus timetable and there is an app, so you can do it all online in advance.

And even if, there are no busses or flex busses left to catch, you can still get to the monastery from the train or bus station by ordering a flextur taxi. This is a special service that again must be ordered at least one hour in advance, but offers you a door to door service to a special price of 7 kr. per km. There is an app etc. and you will be asked for the departure and destination address. So e.g. the monastery: (Ørslev Kloster, Hejlskovvej 15, 7840 Højslev) and the train station: (Højslev Station, Søbyvej 1, 7840 Højslev).

So there are lots of options. You really have no excuse.

But do contact us in advance and we’d love to help you with working out the best solution for you.