One of the oldest creative residences in Scandinavia

Ørslev Kloster is a creative residence infused and enhanced by it’s unique historical atmosphere and scenic setting surrounded by meadows and ancient beech woods looking out onto the waters of the Limfjord.

Guests come here to immerse themselves in their projects from Denmark, Scandinavia and all over the world to be inspired, enabled by an ambience of concentration exuded by the thick ancient walls be they journalists, musicians, business people, composers, academics, writers, students, artists, or active in film and theater.

Ørslev dates back to the early 12th century and was built as a Benedictine nunnery, which remained in function long after the Reformation in 1536, with the last nun leaving in 1587.

It remains as one of the best preserved monasteries of Scandinavia and was converted into a manor house at the center of a large estate until it went into decline at the end of the 19th century. The estate was dissolved during WW1 and the house and buildings fell into serious decline until first the National Museum and finally Countess Olga Sponneck rescued and restored the house during the 1920’s and 30’s.

Since opening it’s doors in 1969 Ørslev has remained one of the oldest and most well-known creative residences in Scandinavia. The non-profit association of Ørslev Kloster retains the legal use and responsibility for running the manor house and surroundings for everyone with a work project and the need for a residency from a couple of days and up to two months for an economically assessable price. 

Ørslev Kloster Arbejdsrefugium - Hejlskovvej 15 - 7840 Ørslev - T: 61 31 30 20 -