The corona virus situation

The coronavirus situation, of course, also affects Ørslev Kloster. We will still remain open, but of course we will closely monitor the situation and update here if we change the procedures. We still maintain the general cancellation policy for staying at the monastery.

We expect only healthy and healthy guests to stay, and we follow the recommendations of the National Board of Health in relation to receiving guests who have stayed abroad.

We have a maximum of eight people staying at the monastery at a time and no meeting activity of any kind. Of course, we take extra hygienic measures for both staff and guests staying at the monastery.

We send the most loving greetings to you all - but no hugs at this time ...

Welcome to Ørslev Kloster. Ørslev Kloster is a creative residence. Guests come here to immerse themselves in their projects from Denmark, Scandinavia and all over the world to be inspired, enabled by an ambience of concentration exuded by the thick ancient walls be they journalists, musicians, business people, composers, academics, writers, students, artists, or active in film and theater.

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