Working stay at the monastery

Ørslev monastery is a creative residence with a unique atmosphere. Behind it’s thick ancient walls journalists, writers, musicians, business people, academics, students, artists, theater and film professionals come to find the time, space and silence to immerse themselves in their projects.

Everyone with a serious work project can apply for a residency from 2 nights and up to a 2 month stay.



350 DKK per. day for the first 5 days

300 DKK per. day for the next 10 days

250 DKK per. Today all day then

Residence time of at least 2 days.

Bed linen and towels can be rented for 50 DKK per. set.



Ørslev Kloster Arbejdsrefugium - Hejlskovvej 15 - 7840 Ørslev - T: 61 31 30 20 -